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The Marygrove College Alumni Association has served for over 90 years as a volunteer board representing Marygrove alumni. Our purpose is to foster unity and loyalty among alumni members, to support opportunities for lifelong learning, and to promote the legacy of Marygrove College. We continue to be united in our experiences and memories of Marygrove, and the friendships and opportunities that Marygrove made possible for us. We value the ongoing support of the IHM Community and Leadership team, especially since the College closing in 2019. We now look forward to a strong partnership with the Marygrove Conservancy.

All-Alumni Reunion 2023

         Date: Saturday, September 16,  2023

The Marygrove Alumni Association is delighted to welcome the milestone classes ending in 3 and 8 to their alma mater.  As always, all Marygrove Alumni are welcome to join in celebrating Marygrove’s memorable legacy. Registration is now closed.  

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Marygrove College Transcripts

Former students of Marygrove College may obtain their transcript(s) via the link below

Marygrove College Class Rings

Former students of Marygrove College may obtain information about class rings via the link below.

Alumni Association Board Members


  • Victoria B. Edwards ‘97 President
  • Rahjinah Johnson, ‘2003, ‘2005 Vice President
  • Isis Taylor-Thompkins ’11 Treasurer


  • Elizabeth Poliuto Loria ’70
  • Gloria Brown-Banks ‘11
  • Ka’Ron Cooper, 2017
  • Alisa Fergerson ’02
  • Dursey Wade, Jr, ‘2017
  • Sheila Wade Kneeshaw ‘80, ‘89
  • Brigeda Nelson ‘85
  • Sheila Robinson ‘09, ‘12
  • Frances L. Simmons ’85
  • Redonda Williams 86′

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8425 W. McNichols Rd,
Detroit, MI 48221

You can also follow us on Facebook at the page “Marygrove Alumni and Friends

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