P-20 cradle-to-career campus


The P-20 Cradle-to-Career Campus at Marygrove will be comprised of educational opportunities from prenatal to Pre-K, K-12 to post-secondary graduate, as well as wrap-around services and community engagement programs. At full capacity, the school will serve roughly 1,000 Detroit children and their families, primarily living in the surrounding Livernois-McNichols neighborhoods. The initiative represents a $50 million community investment on the campus of the former Marygrove College in northwest Detroit, which is the largest philanthropic investment into a Detroit neighborhood in the city’s history.

The three guiding principles for the design and operation of the P-20 educational campus are:
  1. A campus that provides access to opportunities for a diverse student population, with an emphasis on minimizing barriers to access, especially for students from the immediate vicinity.
  2. A campus that offers rigorous, research-based academic programs, so that students are equipped and empowered to define their own futures.
  3. A campus that is led by exceptional faculty and staff, who are accountable and receive ongoing development to equip them to become leaders in their field and thus, best serve students and families.

The future of Detroit depends on an investment in its youngest residents.


Seven partners are currently supporting the P-20 Campus initiative and share one primary goal: To educate children.  


Starfish Family Services

Operating the Early Childhood Education Center

Marygrove Conservancy

Managing campus operations and stewarding the campus as a resource for high-quality uses in the community

Detroit Public Schools Community District

Operating the School at Marygrove, a public school offering grades K-2 and high school

University of Michigan School of Education

Hosting a new Teaching Residency program


The Kresge Foundation

Private, national foundation funding the P-20 project 

Learn more about our program.

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